How can I keep my custom wide scrollbars when I edit a .story source file?

We had our programmer provide us with wider scrollbars where needed for our slides and layers.

Now when I edit the .story source file, not touching the settings or even the slides containing those scrollbars, they are reverting to the standard, narrow scrollbar setting.

Any idea what might be causing this? I have several more courses to edit and would rather not have it continue to happen. I have attached one of the source files. All lessons/pages with a scrollbar are affected.

Thank you!

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Richard Maloney

Hi Phil,

It occurs on all slides and layers that contain scrollbars. We initially had narrow but our customer complained. Our programmer did something on all scrollbars in all courses and lessons that made them about twice the default width.

I am attaching the original story source file that I have not edited and that does display wide scrollbars for comparison - I have not noticed a difference but I am not an expert.

Thank you for your help and patience! 

Richard Maloney

You may be right about that, Phil. My licensed copy is from just over three years ago. I'm sure they've released newer versions since. But, still... it's odd how the issue appeared for a week or so and then, apparently, resolved itself.

Here's hoping those narrow scrollbars do not return.

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