How can I move a group a small amount on each click

Jul 18, 2016

Hi I want a group of buttons to advance position left or right (-x, x ). I don't want to use a motion path. I want to be able to add to the groups overall x value. So group.x = group.x + 10 to move right and -10 top move left. Is there a way to do this? JavaScript would be fine if it can be done that way.


Cheers Luke

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Crystal Horn

Hey Luke!  I'd have to defer to the community for ideas other than motion paths.  I could see using a motion path with a relative start point, triggers and variables, that way you can recycle the motion paths without losing the buttons' place.

Tell us about why motion paths aren't a good idea for you, and that might be able to generate some more ideas!

Crystal Horn

And actually, I built an example slide for you with grouped shapes (which you could make into buttons).  I used motion paths with relative start points which were triggered by button clicks (I wasn't sure how you were adding and subtracting 10, so you could trigger based upon the variable changing as well).  Just throwing it out there!  :)

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