Moving grouped objects on motion paths

Jan 13, 2020

I am trying to move groups back to their starting positions on a quiz drag/drop slide using triggers on a 'try again' screen. 

This is the trigger I've used successfully in other screens:
Move picture X along Line Motion Path X 
When the User clicks Try Again if the state of picture X = Drop Incorrect.

This works great if I'm only moving one object, but I have two objects in each group and they need to each move together, back to their starting positions.

The problem is that I can select Group X for the Move action, I can't select Group X for the variable. It doesn't appear on the drop down list. The objects in the group are listed individually.

I need to keep the magnifying icon visible and functional for the entire duration of the slide. I could combine each group into a single bitmap, but there would be a bit of a quality loss on the icon if I did that. 

Can anyone suggest an alternative?


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Charles,

Happy to help here! 

This is an older post there are a couple of alternative solutions here that I think might help: Drag and Drop Reset Option. The main idea is to add a trigger on the try again layer that jumps to the base layer and changes the slide properties to "Reset to Initial State". 

If you have any questions or hit any snags, please let us know! We are happy to help! 

Charles Radanovich

I looked through the post you linked to above. Unfortunately those solutions won't address my original problem. A reset to original state will make the user start over. I only want to move the incorrect objects back to their starting points, not everything.

Way down in the linked post is a description for using paths to achieve something like I want, but the problem here is that I am trying to move groups back to the starting point and this only works with individual objects.

It seems strange that you can select the group when defining the action as 'move' but you cannot choose the group to perform the variable as noted in my original post.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Charles Radanovich

Thank you very much. The states approach worked perfectly. 

I made paths that moved the incorrect answers along a path so they don't just pop back to position. Client loves animation and this gives a strong visual cue to the users.

I never thought of using states to do this, but I'll remember it now! I have the same issue in a few files, in 20 languages each, so this is very valuable information for me.

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