How do I add comprehension check questions to content slides?

Hi all. Brand new here and new to Articulate also. I find that I don't really know where to start because I know what I want to do but have no clue how to get it done (in Articulate - what I want is simple enough with Javascript so there should be a way to do it in Articulate).

Anyway, what I have in mind is a page full of content and a comprehension check - basically instead of clicking next to move to the next slide, students will click on one of two answers, get feedback, and then go to the next slide.

I see how to make a true false question, but I don't see how to place a true false question on a content slide.

If anyone knows how to do what I want to do - or if you know of a template I could work with - please reply. Thanks!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Jim!

One option would be is to  add content to a quiz slide. 

You can have it visible from the start, or you can have the question text appear later in the timeline if needed, or when the timeline ends.

i am sure there are plenty of other options, and I am sure other will join in with suggestions. You could also insert a quiz slide after a content slide.

Jim T

I need more help!

But I feel I have at least gotten started. Beginning with Emily's file above, I was able to put my comprehension check question and content in the text box and have the answer choices off to the side there.

I want to do a little bit more. I want to have the question and the answer choices together - I was unable to move the answer choices into the text box.

Another option would be to have more than one text box - one right next to the answer choices where I put the question and then another, larger one. I could not figure out how to insert another text box, however.

Also, I was unable to resize the text box. I could drag it around but I could not drag just one wall to actually change the size.

Basically, I went through some video things on but it seems that training failed. Google helped me find this: - but that doesn't show how to resize a box, put answer choices in a box, or add a text box. So I appreciate the tutoring!

Jim T

That's what I mean! How did you resize the boxes for the content and for the question? Also, is it easy enough to add a title now? And how do I insert a little instruction box under the T/F (so I can explain that to move through the class, they need to answer the T/F to get to the next slide)?

Wendy Farmer

Hey you use Team Viewer or Skype where we could share screens - I could show you how to do it.

My skypename is wendy.farmer2111 or you can email me

Probably easier to show you.

If not, I will recreate and do a screen recording of what I do...let me know what suits


Jim T

Thank you kindly for the offer. I prefer the screen recording but since you are the helper and I am the helpee, I will do whatever you like best!

I have never used Team Viewer. I have a Skype account but I have only used it for typing chat messages. Just let me know if I need to expand my horizons.

Edit - Now I see the screen recording is there. I will have a look. Thanks again!

Jim T

Hi thank you for checking on me Wendy. I am doing fairly well. I do have one slide giving me issues because my content doesn't fit in its box. I can't figure out how make a scroll bar or something so that the content does not get all messed up (like it is now).

Any chance someone can take the template I'm using (the one from earlier in this thread) and make the content box a scrolly box? Or point me toward a tutorial on how to use the "scrolling panel" function (assuming that's the ticket for getting a scroll bar in my content box).

I would upload my slide to show the problem but I am still trying to figure out how to save just one slide!