Triggers not working.

I have created a true/false variable and with a default value of "False". I set a trigger to adjust variable to "True". I added the condition on the next button to show the error (layer) if the variable value is "False" or jump to next slide if the variable value is "True". I don't know what I am doing wrong here. I probably need a second pair of eyes to check my .story file. The attached image may help understand my issue. What am I doing wrong?

Storyline doesn't have inbuilt error message to tell the user that the "Next" button won't work until the time like is finish (in restricted menu mode). One way to show the user is to enable seek bar. Unfortunately seekbar does't show the time remaining. 

The only simple way is to disable the next button until the time line reaches to this point. But this is not what I want to do. 


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Surya Koduri

Apologies for delayed response. @Walt Hamilton, I previewed it as entire project and I had slides following the slide that I had this trigger. @Alyssa Gomez, thank you for your reply. I have added the %CuePoint% reference on the base layer. This didn't work to execute the desired outcome. However it proved that the value is being adjusted by the triggers. However the conditions on the next buttons are not working. Please help. I published this course with the next button disabled until the cuepoint is reached. But I am curious to know what I am doing wrong. It worked with some of the other SCORM coruses that I published in the past.

Surya Koduri

Hi Wendy, Thanks for a quick reply. I didn't realize variables on cue points won't work in menu restricted mode. I used variables based on the state of an object or a check box and it worked perfectly. I'll have to find a work around for this because our users are much used for these prompts. I don't want to leave the menu unrestricted as many users will simply miss one slide and log a help request to ask why their result is not tracking as complete. ( especially most course will only send complete/ incomplete result to LMS based on the number of slides viewed) Thank you so much, I could have spent so much time to find out why it's not working.