How do I Allow Unlimited Text in a Text Entry Field?

Feb 01, 2022

Hi all,

I hope someone can help.

I have a couple of questions about the input - text entry field.

Question 1

I’m developing a course that lends itself to the learner reflecting. I have a slide set up where they reflect on a question I ask. I then show them what they have written, on the following slide, with a section beside it where I give them an expert’s view.

While writing their reflection, they appear to be able to write as much as they like as the box they are writing in seems just to move up, which allows them to keep writing. However, the text is really small when showing the text back on the following slide. Is there a way to set the box with the text entry variable to show all the text without reducing the size, even though the amount of text is more than the size of the variable text box?

I thought maybe putting it in a scrolling panel that only becomes available if there is more text than can fit in the box; however, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I DON’T want to limit the amount of text they can type in if I don’t have to.

Question 2

It’s the first time I’m developing a reflective type of course, and there’s also a journal that learners can complete. Once this is all uploaded to an LMS as a Scorm or xAPI package, what happens to the text each learner writes in their journal while going through the eLearn? Will it save there for them individually in their LMS profile so that even if they go back to the eLearn in 2 years, their reflective thoughts will still be there? I wasn’t sure if it was LMS, browser or something else dependent.



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Josh Dean

There was an update last year that allows you to convert your display textboxes in storyline to auto scroll instead of using scaling (

If you keep your slide states instead of resetting them then a user could return and see their writing in the LMS. 

You might even be able to use a little javascript on a summary page and assemble all their writings in one text box that auto scrolls.

Carlton Johnson

Thank you so much Josh for the link and the info on the update. I've just tested it and it works perfectly. Exactly what I need. That was a great and useful update from Articulate!

Thanks as well for the info on the slide states and returning learners. That's what I thought would happen but since I haven't done it before I was insecure about it and needed confirmation. You've really helped me to be able to complete this project, just the way I had envisaged in my head without having to do complicated work arounds.