How do I automatically stop the audio on the base layer?

Hi - I have audio inserted on various layers. The problem is, if a user triggers a layer to open before the base layer audio is finished, the audio overlaps (base layer audio and layer 2 audio). This isn't the case with all layers - it just seems to be a problem with the base layer, that wants to continue to play even when another layer has been opened.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jane,

When you have the trigger set up to open a new layer, with audio, you will need to also add a trigger to "pause audio" and select the audio on the base slide. 

Whichever trigger you use to get back to the base layer, you also want to add a trigger of "play media" and trigger the base slide audio.

You can add you file here if you would like us to look at it.

Hope this helps!

Leah Waterhouse

Hi Emily, 

Thank you for your advice here. I am finding that when I try to Pause the base layer audio when I am on other layers, the audio for the base layer does not appear as an option in the triggers.  When Im in another layer and  I use the drop down arrow to show the base layer features, the Audio is not there - only the shapes and text are visible there.  Are you able to help please?

Thank you!


Leah Waterhouse

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately I cannot send any slides due to confidentiality.

The issue is that I have a base layer with audio on it, I then have 5 other layers on top, each with their own audio. I set triggers for the audio to start when the timeline starts, and to pause when the buttons are pressed to change layers. It seems to work when I am moving forward through the layers, but as soon as I click back, the baselayer audio starts playing at the same time as the audio for the layer I am viewing. I put triggers on the back buttons to pause the audio, but I cannot seem to fix it.

If you have any ideas I would be so grateful!