How do I change the Design for an Individual Slide?

Jul 29, 2013


I am working through the Storyline tutorials and am currently on 'Sync Animations with Audio' (

The first steps are to insert a new slide and change the design to a graduated design. I am able to change the design as instructed however, when I change it, the design for the first slide I created also changes. The steps I am using are:

1. Insert Tab > New Slide

2. Basic Layouts > Blank (There are 2 categories available in Basic Layouts; 1) Polished, & 2) Articulate. Each of these categories has a 'Blank' template. I have tried both)

3. Design Tab > Select a Design

Can someone please tell me how to change the design so that it only applies to the slide I am currently working with?

Thank you in advance for helping this newbie!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Angela,

Welcome to the community!

I haven't watched the tutorial you're referring to, but I THINK I can direct you.

1. Be sure the slide you want to apply the design to is selected.

2. In the Themes area, right-click on the desired design.

3. Choose "Apply to selected slides" from the shortcut menu.

See if this screenshot also can see that I applied the design ONLY to the 2nd slide...and please shout out with any more questions

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