How do I change the number that doesn't match my scene number

I'm a novice user and I hate the fact that there are numbers that I can't change before each scene name that don't match the sequence of the project (see pic). The numbers start off correctly (1 before Module 1, 2 before Module 2, but then 7 before Module 6, 8 before Module 7, etc. I will be handing this off the another novice user and I would like to fix this. Can anyone help me?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Myra

The scene numbers are sequential in the order you create them.

So it looks like you created modules 1-5, then the Welcome section (scene 6), and then modules 6-9.

You don't see these numbers in the output, but if it bothers you to see them like this while editing you could create another scene, move the slides from the Welcome section into it (you can drag them over) and then delete the original Welcome scene (6).

That will put the Welcome content into Scene 10, with the module 1-9 scenes numbered appropriately.

Hope that helps