How do I control the order of slides Next/Previous in story view?

Feb 06, 2014

I've got some slides and they have made their own order in story view and then the Next/Previous seems

to follow the Story View order.  How do I switch the order of how they display in story view so that they

go in the order I want them not the way Storyline has ordered them?  (So that the Next/Previous will work right

and it will look like the order I think they should be). 


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ted,

If I'm understanding correctly, you can drag your slides to the correct position(s).

In the screen shot below, Slide 2 was below Slide 3. So I needed to drag Slide 2 into the correct position.

The screen shot shows "mid-process" dragging slide 2 up, so it's before Slide 3. Storyline displays a turquoise arrow to show where the slide will be dropped.

If you look closely at the screen shot, you'll see that, since the Screen Shot was taken mid-process moving Slide 2, it's still labeled 1.3 Slide 2 and Slide 3 is still labeled 1.2 Slide 3. When I released the mouse button, the slides were then relabeled: 1.2 Slide 2 and 1.3 Slide 3.

Please shout out with any questions.

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