How do I convert a mp4 video file to SCORM file in Storyline?

Jun 16, 2017

I have an MP4 file (video & audio) that I need to import into Storyline and convert to SCORM.  How do I do this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You can certainly add mp4 videos to your project in Storyline, be sure to check out this tutorial for details.

Storyline is SCORM compliant, so it sounds like you should take a look at your publishing options here.

It sounds like you may be just getting started, so I wanted to share our User Guide with you as well.

LaVon Bowman

Hi, I have a large number of MP4 videos that need to be wrapped so that they are SCORM compliant. In the past we used Camtasia and it worked fine with that LMS but we have changed our LMS to Cornerstone and that no longer works.

I have three criteria. 1.They must pass pilot CSOD with no errors 2. it must track the user progress and return to where they left off. 3. it must have an exit button.

I have Articulate 360. Can Articulate 360 do this? If it can, what are the step-by-step directions to produce what we need? Please help I have no idea how to use Articulate to do this.

LaVon Bowman

Phil's answer was great but it does not save progress. Support tells me "The user needs to jump away from the current slide in order to properly save the state of it." So that is why I started over again with the file I just uploaded. I have a button on a layer on top of the video but it is not visible. I do not know what I have not done.

I appreciate all of you so much. Sorry for the trouble.


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