How Do I Create a variable Quiz : Storyline 360

I am having a bit of trouble creating a variable quiz.  I have a slide with 10 buttons. Each button will have a question that the participants have to answer. If the answer is correct, the question will be worth 10 points. At the end of the game, the participants have to get 50 points in order to move forward to the next slide. I am kind of lost. I am not sure where to begin. Is there a list of steps I can follow to be able to build this effectively and accurately? Am I adding the questions to the slide layers and if so, how do I know what variable to use? 



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Desi,

Here's a relatively easy way to build this:

  • Have each of your 10 buttons open the corresponding quiz-question slide in a lightbox. 
  • Create a custom number variable (e.g., "ScoreTracker") to track the score, and reference on the slide with the 10 buttons.
  • Insert a standard graded-question slide for each question. 
    • Add an on-the-slide Submit button (so it's available when the question is lightboxed.
    • For the Continue button on both the Correct and Incorrect layers:
      • Delete the default trigger to hide the layer. (Keeping the feedback layer "on" will prevent the user from re-answering the same question.)
      • Change the "jump to next" trigger to the "Close Lightbox" command instead.
    • For the Continue button on the Correct layer, add a trigger to add 10 to the ScoreTracker variable. Move this trigger so it's the 1st trigger for the button.

I edited your file and programmed just the 1st button this way, so you can see the above instructions in action.