How do I get user response data out of Likert Survey responses?

I guess I'm not getting it but what is the purpose of the Likert survey type questions in SL? When I click "Submit" where is the data going? Does it only work with Articulate Online or another LMS?

I'd like to be able to have each selection set a value to a variable which could then be used to deliver custom content based on how the user replied to the survey. For example, they rated themselves low on a set of questions so I want SL to suggest they study a certain set of slides. Likewise if they rated themselves high they would be directed to skip a another set of slides.

I can do this with button sets and multiple variables without using either quiz or survey slides but it can be pretty tedious. I'm wondering how and why anyone would use the built in Likert Survey questions... i.e., how do I get the user data out of them so I can do something useful with it... Or is there another way?

I should mention that I want to have 3-4 "questions" on each slide so Jeanette's suggestion doesn't quite work for me.

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Nancy Woinoski

Would something like this work? I did not use the built in likert quiz or radio buttons. I created the buttons using shapes and then added a bunch of variables and triggers to calculate a value when each button is clicked.

Once all questions have been answered I tally a score and then display the results associated with that score. I was thinking that you could add buttons or something on each result layer to redirect the learner to some additional information.

Note that I have this designed so that it sends all of the data to an html page when the user clicks the generate report button on the last page - I have not included the report file here since I don't think this is something you want to do.

Lulu Hu