How do I have survey responses appear on the results slide?

I have a survey slide that allows the learner to select their  top two leadership qualities from a list of six. I'd like the results slide to say something like, "you selected [assertiveness] and [collaboration] as your top leadership qualities."  

In other words, I want the results slide to include the responses they have chosen in the previous survey slide.

How can I do this?

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Phil Mayor

You need to use variable to carry this across to the results slide, I would use six T/F variables that are set on the submit button, probably also good practice to only check two were selected, so you p need a numerical counter as well, again set this on the submit button. 

Then you can do one of two things either set triggers to change the state of text boxes on the results slides based on the T/F values or set the value of two text variables based on the T/F values and then use these two text variables as references.