How do I make a picture look like it's slide across a cell phone and not the SL slide?

Oct 20, 2023

Hello, I'm trying to get a picture to enter from the right side of the cell phone image on my slide, instead of the right side of the slide. I have tried masking the entrance, but because of my animation, that will not work. I have also tried the slider, but I don't think I understand that function well enough to make it work.

I appreciate any assistance I can get! :)

My file is attached, I would appreciate any help I can get.

Many thanks, Sheila

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Sheila, 

Happy to help!

One solution that you can do is to take a screenshot of the right slide of your slide, place this image on the right side of the screen and allow the image that appears on the iPad to pass under the overlay image. This will give the effect of the image entering from the right side of the iPad instead of the right side of the slide. 

I've attached a sample file so you can see how this concept works. Just replace the right side rectangle with an image that looks exactly like the original appearance of the right section of the slide, including the right part of the iPad, and this will cover the entrance of the rectangle.

Hope this helps!

Sheila Murphy

Hello Jose, thank you for your suggestion. I tried that. Unfortunately it does not work because I have animation associated with my iPad. It "grows" from the characters hand (or at least that's the idea). If the "mask" is stationary, it looks silly with part of an iPad already on screen. Or if I animate the "mask", it "grows" separately from the iPad, which looks silly too.  I can't group it to the iPad, because that will not allow the picture to enter the iPad. Unless I'm missing something?

I appreciate your suggestion. Sheila