How do I make an audio trigger (Storyline 360) only work the first time you are on that slide and then not play when you return back to that slide?

Oct 19, 2017

I have an audio trigger on a main page with multiple objects. When you click on an object it takes you to that slide. On each slide there is a continue button and a return button. The return button takes you back to the main page where you can choose another object. I don't want the audio to play when you return to the main page, only the first time you are there.

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Sam N

Hi Carol. 

I think thats easy. They is more than one solution. 


First Trigger:

Play Media "X" if Variable "Y" is false

Second Trigger: 

Set Variable "Y" to true

You could also use Layer with the same method.


You could duplicate the main page. The first main page has the audio. All other slides jump always to the second Main Page, with no Audio. 






Ren Gomez

Hi Darcy,

Sam's first suggestion refers to using a True/False variable that changes when the audio is played the first time so that it doesn't play again.

You can add a True/False variable and name it "AudioPlay" for example, and assign it to be False. The first trigger is for a button to play the media if the variable is False. Then, for the same button, add a second trigger to set the variable to True when the button is clicked.

I've also attached a file for you to get a closer look into how this works. Hope this helps!

Elisabete Albuquerque

Hi there, I have the audio on a base later. At a certain point during audio one (@cue point 1) I wanted the user to click on an object and have audio 2 play. I ended up having an object on the slide open a URL to where the video is saved in this worked for me but I thought I read there was a different way that I could do this.

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