How do I make my audio on the master slide automatically resume?

I have created a project that has audio on the master slide with instructions for the user. There are markers on the master slide that the user can click on to view additional details. The markers include audio as well. I figured out how to pause the audio on the master slide when the user clicks the marker, but when they are done with the marker, the audio on the master slide does not automatically resume where it left off. Is there a trigger or trigger with a variable that I can use to make it automatically resume?

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Rochelle Gatton

I am not able to post a copy of my project because it is a training video with proprietary information on it and my company will not allow me to post it for the general public to view.

Unfortunately, my audio is not on a separate layer, using layers was not feasible due to the complexity of the training content. I had to use the markers instead of layers.

I got approval to show the project to someone during a live chat with someone from the staff (if that is possible). I haven't found anything that will resume the audio on the main slide where it left off after the user clicks on a marker. I found that the user can replay the audio so if I can't find anything else, I think I will need to include those instructions at the beginning to show the user how to replay the audio if needed. I think that would be sufficient for now.