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Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks.  I'm only familiar with Saba so this may or may not be the case for you. 

When a SCORM course is imported into Saba, and the course uses "passed/failed" or "completed/failed" statuses, Saba takes over for determining if the course is completed or not--and not the content itself.  With a failed status we have to do some extra set-up in the Saba LMS so the content itself determines passing or filing.

If this isn't set up correctly, I've seen courses get marked complete even when the user fails the final quiz miserably--and I've seen the exact opposite: a final quiz is passed at 100% and it stays in the learner's list of active registrations.

You may want to check how your LMS handles statuses to see if this might be similar in your LMS.  It may not be but it may be worth a try looking.

BTW, are other non-Storyline SCORM courses using a failed status working properly?

Johanna Rasmusson

Thank YOU

Unfortunately I don't have access to the Agresso LMS, but your insights might be really helpful in another of our current projects. In that particular project we're trying to make a course built with Captivate 5 to integrate fully with Saba LMS. However, we have not yet succeeded.

Regarding your last question I have to come back to you on that matter.

Kind regards