How do I move drop target areas in drag and drop (articulate storyline 2)?

Jul 13, 2017

I changed the page scales on a storyboard I put together in AS2 and I'm having a spot of bother scaling up a drag-and-drop-to-category question as the target areas that the tiles are supposed to fall into, when you drag them to the designated area, are all over the place (see attachment). I managed to sort out the middle and right-hand column by moving the visual bits (layers, maybe?) to overlap with the reactive ones but I can't get the left-hand column to follow suit no matter how much I move things around.

My initial thought was that it had to do with triggers but I looked in the trigger column and the command ('Change state of submit "Submit" to Normal When the user drops a shape on cat 1 - "Rectangle"' etc. - I did move the rectangle to fit the desired area and it still didn't work)didn't seem to hold any clues. I also went through all the different layers including grouped ones. Is the issue layer- or tile-related? And am I missing something?

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