How do I remove the scroll icon on a feedback box?

Nov 08, 2013


I am having problems with a feedback box on a quiz. If the user clicks 'submit' without answering a question, a box appears to tell them that they must select an answer. Even though the text fits into the box perfectly, there is a scroll icon at the side suggesting there is more to read.

Does anybody know how to go about editing this box and how to remove the scroll icon? I have inserted a screen shot of it below.



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Michaella Roess

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your advice. My problem is that I cannot find where to edit this box. I have tried to go into feedback master but this particular box isn't in there, its only the feedback slides for the quiz where it tells you if the answer is correct or incorrect.

As this only appears when the user clicks submit without answering a question, could it be located somewhere other than the feedback master section?


David Smith

Try resizing your text to a smaller font to see if the scroll bar goes a way. Do it in the actual slide in the story and the feedback master.

Be sure there are no extra returns on the slide with in the story. cursor at end of sentence, delete a few times:0) !

Make sure there isn't too much space before the sentence.

Does it happen in all feedback slides?

Worth a shot.

Michaella Roess

Hi David,

It only happens when the user clicks on the submit button before actually answering the question, and it appears the same on all slides. I can't find anywhere on storyline for editing this because its not included in the feedback master section for some reason.

I'm not sure whether resizing the font on the actual slide will help because all of the text is in text boxes. I have tried resizing the boxes but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I'm not sure if its just me being stupid and not being able to see it on the feedback master!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sophie,

I think I see what's happened here. Someone has actually edited the default text for the Invalid Answer text label in the Player, and this has caused the text to scroll.

Changing the Invalid Answer Label

  1. Click the Player button (Home tab, Publish group)
  2. In the Player Properties dialog box, Click "Text Labels" (Features tab, Custom Group)
  3. Scroll down to Number 17 "Invalid Answer Text".

This is what the text label looks like by default (bordered in red in this screenshot), and what the Invalid answer box looks like when Learners don't make a choice

Below is what the edited invalid answer label looks like - I used the same wording I see in your screen shot above (and it's bordered in red in the screen shot) and what the invalid answer box looks like. Notice the scroll box (bordered in blue).

So if you go back in and edit the wording, that should take care of the scroll box.

Also, you're correct that there is no Invalid Answer layer. Many of us have requested that Articulate include one in the next version of Storyline so that, like the Correct and Incorrect Layers, it's easier to edit. If you'd like to see that change, please consider submitting a feature request.

Please shout out with any questions!

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