Scroll Pane in Feedback master

May 24, 2013

I have tried inserting a scroll pane in the correct and incorrect feedback master.  It is not working for me.  When I get to my question slide, the text field for feedback is freestanding and not connected to the scroll pane.  Is there a trick to using a scroll pane in the feedback master so that the two remain connected?  In one of my attempts, the scroll pane actually attached itself to the answer text box.  But when I looked at the question master, the scrool pane was not there.

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Todd,

Once yu succeeded in dragging your textbox inside a panel, is to insert a reference variable in your textbox. You can manipulate this variable during the course, all resukts will be shown on the feedback master...

I've include a link to a previous post where layers interact with the master layer. You can use a similar approach in your case



Todd Mazurick

Thanks, Geert.  I looked at the sample you provided.  It looks like it works well with regular Layers, but it is not working well for the Quiz Feedback master. I have tried to insert a Scroll Panel at every level of the Feedback master.  None of them have worked.  In the Feedback master, the text box is associated with the Scroll Panel, but when I actually create a question slide the feedback text box is no longer associated with the Scroll Panel.  It is beginning to look like I will have to add a scroll box to each individual feedback layer rather than relying on inserting one in the Feedback master.  

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