Issues with Scroll panels on Mobile Safari

Nov 22, 2013


I'm creating a table of contents with a scroll panel which is working fine in the story.html but for some reason it malfunctioning in the HTML5 output on both Mobile safari and desktop. I'm using Storyline 4.1311.817

Essentially I have a text box with all the text in it and hotspots for each allowing the user to click to various locations in the module. When I publish the hotspots and the scroll bar work fine in both Mobile player and Desktop (Story.html). When I view the HTML5 version however, the scroll bar is present on desktop but appears broken (the down arrow is missing and nothing scrolls) and on Safari Mobile I tried to use 2 fingers to scroll up and down (and 1 finger just in case) and none of it works. The triggers work in the scroll pane but the scroll pane itself appears broken. 

I will add that I put the scroll panel on the main master page inside a popup layer. Again, it works everywhere else but the HTML5 version.

Please advise.



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