lavender highlight appearing on static text

May 08, 2013

I have a multiple choice quiz, and the incorrect feedback layer has regular standard text that says they got the question incorrect. When I preview this page, or preview the whole course, the text in question appears to have a hover state (which it shouldn't). When I mouse over it, i get the "pointer finger" icon, and there is a lavender box that appears behind the text. It looks like a hover state, but there is no states on this text. It might also be worth noting that the lavender box is not properly aligned to the text. (the first letter of the first word is not within the lavender box).  This is NOT happening on the correct feedback layer. 

Why is this happening/how do i fix this? 

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Sarah: That's odd, for sure. Any way you could attach a screen shot?

Have others worked on this file? Sort of sounds like someone inserted a hotspot or some other object on your feedback master. I'd suggest taking a look at the "feedback master." You can check that out by selecting the "view" tab and then "feedback master." That should show you everything on that level.

Sarah MacDonald

I solved this one myself, although its more of an avoidance of the problem, rather than an actual solution. I found that if i did a direct copy of the textbox element, the problem persisted. However, when i created a new text box and re-typed the content, and simply deleted the old version, the issue no longer occurred. 
Didn't solve it, but it eliminated it!  

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