How do i resolved these HTML 5 iPad Loading/Viewing Issues?

Aug 26, 2013


I am working on fairly simple project that has main slide pages with layer pop ups that are viewable by clicking a button (using native button styling/triggers) to show and hide these layers. The .story file has been exported for html 5 not the ipad player. We are loading the HTML5 output in an iPad for local viewing.  
There are 2 issues:
1.  It is slow especially when loading a slide that has more than 3 buttons/slide layers.
2.  The  loading spinner appears on top of the popups/layers , even when they are loaded regardless of how many buttons the slide page has.
Any thoughts on how to resolve these issues? Thanks!
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsay,

In regards to the slow loading, it likely is connected to mobile Safari's limited resource allocation as described here.  Please let us know if the troubleshooting directions in that article help. 

I haven't ever seen the "loading spinner" continue to stay on the screen after all the pages have been loaded, so I'd like to see if you could share the .story file with our Support team so that they can test it. 

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