How do I setup a 'Mailto' java query in SL

Hi all,

I have a SLine ‘mail to’ eportfolio template where I want a Feedback Form to email text field information back to my email address  (or any other email address)

I’m not understanding how to set this up with Javascript (screen grab example attached). Something in this code is not responding correctly when I hit the submit button-on preview.

 I have included screen grabs and the single SL slide.

Help much appreciated with this,

regards Greg

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Greg,

Your screen grab wasn't uploaded, but I suspect I might know what the problem is...

JavaScript doesn't work in preview. You'll need to upload your project to your LMS, webserver etc. for the JavaScript to work properly.

Alternatively, if you access the HTML5 output locally it should work there as well.

Greg Nelson

Thanks Matthew  for looking at this.

I've tried this on an LMS (moodle) and as a straight web directory and cannot get it to work.

I feel it must be the information that I need to put into the Java script. Cureently it reads:

var player = GetPlayer();

var email=player.GetVar("email");
var subject=player.GetVar("subject");
var bodystart=player.GetVar("bodystart");

var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+bodystart;,'');


Do I need to put in any other information to setup a reply from the Submission button. I'm sure I'm missing something here?

regards Greg

Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- In addition to the info that Matthew shared, I wanted to follow up and mention that it is always a good practice to tell your content in the environment in which it will ultimately "live" to test functionality. And I also wanted to share that while we are not able to provide support for JS, you may find the Best Practices sheet that Wendy shared to be helpful. Best of luck with your project! :)