How do I sync screen recording to audio recording??

Sep 03, 2012

Hi there

When I have done a screen recording, is there any way to preview this recording WHILE I'm recording the audio narration (i.e. I see my screen recording, with mouse moving etc in background and can record the audio to match this)?

or to get it synced do you have to record audio at the same time as recording screen?

I have asked this previously with no reply...any answers will be helpful, thanks!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Anne, are you recording the audio using Storyline or a third party audio recorder?

If you are using the audio recording in Storyline there is no way to preview and record at the same time within the same storyline session.

One thing you might be able to do is open up a second instance of storyline and preview one while recording in the other.

If you find your audio recording does not match the on screen animation exactly, you can always adjust timings by moving the position of objects on the timeline. You will also be able to edit your audio to insert silence if you need to change the pacing of your audio.

I hope this helps.

Anne Pead

Hi Nancy

Thanks SO much for your reply! I'm so disappointed that this is not possible! I've used Camtasia a lot before and it was such an easy way to add audio!  I found this lacking in Captivate as well.  Do you know if it is going to be an added feature in future releases (or how we request that it goes on the list!?)

In the meantime I'll try opening a second instance of Storyline and see if that works!



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