How do I turn autoplay off?

May 21, 2013

Hi All, 

This could be a really obvious thing I'm missing here... I don't want each slide to autoplay - instead, I want it to be paused when the user opens the slide and then, when they click "play" on the player seekbar, it will begin. 

I don't seem to be able to find this obviously (but I might be missing something!)


Many thanks, 


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Richard Skidmore

Hi Laith,

I can zip a Storyline example to you if you like. I can attach it to this file if you like?

My issue is that I have each slide with sound accompaniment. Theslide doesn’t have any animation on it. I want the user to be able to selectwhether the slide plays (and thus the sound plays) or doesn’t (so the sounddoesn’t play). I want the default state of the slide to be “paused”.

Does that make sense?

Many thanks,


ted greenfield


I am having a similar problem-  I embed an storyline file in the page of our CMS and it jumps down to the storyline lesson immediately on landing on the page because of the auto play feature-  how can I turn that off?  I disabled the next / back buttons on the interface but it still jumps-  any ideas?

Here is the url of the lesson-


Laith Salama

Hi Richard,

I'm struggling to find an answer to this in support or Google.... I'm positive there will be a JavaScript function for this to default the Seekbar to paused until "play" is pressed. But i'm no JavaScript expert (not even a novice in fact) but i'm sure it will be doable.

I considered David's suggestion as well as variables are my favourite route to take lol. But didn't know how to stop the Seekbar regardless of whether variable is activated, the Seekbar continued to play (as it were).



David Osborne

There is an option when additional layers are added to 'Pause the timeline of the base layer'.

So insert a new layer and create a trigger on the base layer to show the new layer when the timeline starts. In the slide layer properties for the new layer, select 'Pause timeline of base layer'.

I've just tried this and it seems to do what you need.

Crystal Horn

Hey Kyle.  Thanks for chiming in.  It sounds like you'd be interested in a setting where you could choose whether the slide begins playing the timeline when a user lands on it.

Would you be able to tell us some more detail about that here, specifically how you would use it and how it would benefit you and your learners?  Happy to hear your thoughts!

Kyle Mackie

I thought about adding an additional slide (e.g., "click play to start the animation"), but the problem is that every slide needs to have a timeline. Can I have something on the slide when it loads? This is a pretty serious accessibility issue, in that the user needs to have control over starting the presentation. Having it play on launch means that the assistive technology doesn't have the opportunity to orient itself.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kyle!

You could have the timeline on all slides.

For the first slide, you could just pause the timeline as soon as the slide starts. You wouldn't need a layer for that.

I took a look at the file you shared.

When I set the timeline to pause, the slide looks a little strange since all of the objects hadn't loaded. 

I duplicated the slide and the 2nd slide is more what I imagine you would want your learners to see, but I could certainly be wrong.

I hope one of them will work for you and just let me know if I have misunderstood your concern.

Kyle Mackie

Thanks, but that doesn't solve it. As you mention, the first option is strange in that it does not have the content on it, and the second option isn't a viable workaround because it still loads, and there's still a timeline before it stops. I want the content to be there when it's opened, and the student to be able to click play to start. 

Paul Zamora

easier: just stick the audio files on a layer (called audio would work best), set the layer parameters to initial on revisit so it replays (or set variable/trigger).

Next create a button on the base layer trigger to show layer on click.  Once the layer shows with just the audio on it, the audio will play.  

Having the audio on a unique layer will prevent the default auto-play from engaging.

2 cents

Amber Holt-Geary

In order to prevent the Storyline from autoplaying in Rise, I place a Button on the first second of the Storyline timeline with a trigger to "pause timeline on this slide when timeline starts" and a "resume timeline on this slide when user clicks Button". I tested in Rise and now only the Button shows and all slides and audio pause until the click.

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