How do I "unrestrict" my menu items in the Storyline Player?

Oct 16, 2013

I haven't had this issue when creating new storyline modules, but I'm making edits to someone else's (they're no longer with the company), and even after ensuring all slides are set with NO conditions restricting navigation, and ensuring each slide has Prev/Next buttons, when I'm the Preview, I can't click around inside the menu to skip ahead. I can only click on items I've aready viewed. Is there any reason for this?

Note: Unfortunately I can't attach an example of the file because it's privacy-protected company information. If you are able to answer my question without seeing the file, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time & help.

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Antony Snow

Hi Chrisanna,

Menu navigation is controlled by the player rather than at slide level. To check/update this and set the menu to 'Free' navigation:

  1. Click on 'Player' to open the Player Properties
  2. Click on 'Menu'
  3. Click on 'Additional Options'
  4. Select 'Free' from the 'Navigation Restriction' drop-down

I hope this helps


Harri S

Hi Chrisanna,

If Antony's suggestion doesn't resolve the issue you may want to check that the items in the menu are slide titles not scene titles. What I found with a previous project is that if you remove the slide titles and only keep the scene titles you will not be able to jump between scenes by clicking the menu. However you can get around this by changing the first slide in the scene's title to the scene title and including that in the player menu instead of the scene.

Hope this helps

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