How do you add sequential numbering system to a series of slides

Nov 02, 2017


I have a course that I my clients take. The feedback i get is that they do not know where they are at in the course, or how many slides the course is. I would like to add a number system on the bottom, something like "slide 1 of 30", but obviously i do not want to do that on every slide. There must be a way to add that to the master slide. Any suggestions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pryce, thanks for your post! Automatic slide numbering is an excellent feature idea--you're not alone in that request! We're keeping an eye on mentions of this feature in the forums, so I'll be sure to add this thread to our report.

For now, I generally point folks to this thread. Steve Flowers' suggestion should be just what you're looking for. 😁

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