How do you import a powerpoint presentation with narration (recorded in PPT)

Jul 01, 2015

When I import a PPT with audio, the audio does not import with the PPT.  Am following the process from Articulate guide.  Can anyone suggest a workaround?  Thanks!

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Kathryn Clayton

More explanation...Posts that I have seen in this blog indicate that Storyline 2 does not support PowerPoint or PPT with audio.  I obtained assistance from Artculate support.  They stated that they could not replicate my problem and returned my (converted) PPT file in storyline 2 which incuded audio for each slide.  What version of the software do they have that I do not have?  Food for thought.


Kathryn Clayton

Thank you for your support. I still am not able to import the audio (recorded in PPT) when importing into Storyline 2. I have followed the following steps:

Wilbert kindly imported one PPT w/audio into Storyline and sent it back to me. I am able to access audio in that file, even though we are using PPT 2010. I am using my desktop for all steps, so am not subject to erratic file behavior.

Given that we are not a premier (support) client, what would be the cost if I was to set up a webex so you could see what I am doing as I import a PPT to Storyline2?

Again- REALLY appreciate your support!!!

Kathryn Clayton, RN, MSN, MBA

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kathryn! It looks as if you have replied via e-mail, which does not allow your attachments to come through, but does attach your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed.

As far as further support, Wilbert will be able to assist you with that request as well and can escalate your case to a support engineer if needed. I encourage you to reply and continue to work in your support case on this.

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