How do you keep the background text in an interactive screen cast?

I am trying to make a simple interaction where the user creates a heading for a business letter when provided with all the necessary information. I am doing a line by line break down. In the first line they have to write the sender's name. I took a screen cast of me typing the name "Frankie Edgar" and deleted the "click hotspot slide" because I don't need or want it. This worked fine. They type the name "Frankie Edgar" and it goes to the next slide. Then I took a screen cast of me writing the address below the name Frankie Edgar and put in a trial address of "123". On that slide, however, the animation shows Frankie Edgar as being in the screencast, but in the try mode, Frankie Edgar is gone and only the address appears. The slide also appears blank, despite the fact that throughout the recording the name "Frankie Edgar is present and visible. I want the second test to show the text that was there when I started recording it, why is it erased?

For instance, I want the first slide to be blank. Then the user writes "Frankie Edgar". Then I want the second slide to look like:

Frankie Edgar

... and the user writes "123" below Frankie Edgar, so when they are done typing the slide looks likeĀ 

Frankie Edgar

123 (minus the double space present here)

Then the third slide would have another set of information and so on. But the slide just erases everything. Why would it do that? That doesn't simulate a word processor at all!

I've attached my effort, please take a look and let me know if you know what to do.

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Donna Morvan

Hello Fraser,

I took a look at your project. The information you are looking for is actually not erased, it's just "hidden". If you look at your project again - on the slide where you ask learners to type '1234' - the text entry takes up the whole slide (articulate did this by default) and so you can't see that behind it is what you're looking for.

The simple solution is to just resize the text entry on the second slide - move it down so you can see "Frankie Edgar".

You can check your project again or here it is edited. As mentioned, I just resizedĀ the text entry on the second slide so it shows the info on the first slide.