How do you manage using Storyline if your company utilizes a cloud-based environment?

Hi, I understand you may access Storyline 360 on two devices, however, my company uses a cloud-based environment. I do have a laptop I can utilize, but my challenge is much of the custom material I will be making will use images and information that would be frowned upon in my industry to "send to myself" to then input in Storyline 360.


Does anyone else's company operate in a cloud environment and how do you work around this challenge?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marley,

Using a site such as Dropbox is a great way to share your files across devices. Keep in mind that you'll want to download those files locally to your C drive/desktop and then use them with Storyline. You'll see some notes here about best practices for working on Storyline files. 

Hope that helps!