How does Storyline Resume?

Mar 06, 2013

When storyline asks you if you want to resume where you left off, presumably information about where you were last time must be stored. Where is it placed? Is it in a browser cookie?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

I believe (and I may be wrong) that it depends on where you're hosting the course. I believe by default the content is stored in a Flash cookie.

Depending on which resume option you choose, if you choose "Always" or "Prompt" for example and you're using an LMS, you can choose to have your LMS manage the resume data if it's able.

When the option for "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" is marked, if you upload your published course to an LMS that supports resume data, the course will use the LMS bookmark rather than the Flash cookie that would normally be used. If you upload your course to an LMS that does not provide a resume bookmark, the course will use the Flash cookie as usual. 

If you can share a little more information about how you're distributing your course, maybe the community can give you some additional details on this.


Justin Wilcox

Hi John.

Christine is correct depending on what you are publishing for:

  • Web output is handled by a Flash cookie.
  • LMS output is ideally handled by the LMS using the suspend_data we send. If you uncheck the option to ignore the Flash cookie, though, this could cause issues with the resume so I would not recommend doing that.
  • Articulate Online is handled through suspend_data as well.
  • CD is handled by a Flash cookie.
Michele Zemour

Hello Justin,

I have the same problem concerning an erratic resume function of Storyline, on my LMS

When I publish using the Web option, the resume is working fine.

I tried to view the published files of my project to look for this suspend_data: where can I find it?

Thanks for your help.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Michele.

Suspend data is sent to the LMS when you publish to the LMS and load the content into your LMS. The content will communicate this information at that point. I would refer to this article which helps troubleshoot basic LMS issues. If you can describe in more detail the issue you are experiencing, this could help us figure out what's going on. What LMS standard are you publishing for? What exactly is happening when you try to resume? 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michele,

If you deleted the cache and that's fixed the problem, you should be good to go.

However, if you want to double-check to make sure it's working properly, you could try running the project in a different web browser (preferably one that hasn't been used to open the course, or clear the browser's cache before launching the course).

Let us know how it goes!

Jerine Sebastian

In such a case, do the students have to clear cache every time? I'm facing this issue where it always shows the previous version of the course unless, I delete history. Doing this every time would be cumbersome for the students. Where is the problem? With Storyline or with the LMS. At least that would tell me where I need to fix this.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerine,

Do you mean the previous version as in where the user left off - or are you overwriting a previously uploaded version of the course? The latter you'd want to ensure that they clear their cache to access the latest version. As far as the resume, if you've set the course to always resume or prompt the user to resume - they'll be able to pick up where they left off unless they were to clear our their history. If you don't want them to resume - you could choose to "never resume" as the option. You will also want to check with your LMS to see if they have a resume setting you need to change. 

Marcus Louvet Larsson

Hi, my issue is this: The course im publishing is for web, since i dont have an LMS that will give me SCORM-data.

But the users are going to view the course on their job computer, which mean that, lets say 5 different people will go through the course. The prompt to resume or always resume option works if a single user is on one computer, but if for example user 1 pauses the course midway through and the next day user 2 is gonna start from scratch, then he or she is prompted to start from where user 1 left off, 

Is there a workaround here?? open to any and all suggestions. 

Using storyline 2. 

john faulkes

Marcus, I think what you mean is that you have multiple learners taking the course on the same computer? if so you're definitely going to have this problem, without them accessing an LMS version.

The most brutal solution is to set the SL player to 'Never resume', and have a very clear menu system that easily allows learners to recall where they were, and select that section.

A much more elegant solution would be programmatic: you could build a login page at the start of your project, and fill an SL variable with (let's say) their email address that they enter. Then you know who they are. It's a start but only a small step on a long journey..

As they progress through your course for (say) each section you could fill a progress variable, but trouble is you'd need a progress variable at each point, for each user.

When anybody restarts, you could set a few conditions in a trigger- testing who they are, and their progress variables as set, then jump them to that latest set point.

All in all? It's probably not worth the effort to do this!!

Daniel Fillion

I'm facing this issue and am willing to tackle it.  When you say "Progress variable", are you referring to the data put out by "SetDataChunk"?  I am saving this value to an SQL table, and recalling it using GetDataChunk, however it does not cause the Module to resume.  The module does run the GetDataChunk function prior to starting, but proceeds to start at the beginning. Thoughts?

Victor Madison

I appreciate the value of using a progress variable.  But in my case it will be too much work for the way my client is using my Storyline Modules.  My client has a training room with several PCs.  The modules are published for CD and installed in a folder on the PC.  A shortcut to the "exe" file is installed on the desktop to allow the trainees to access the training.  Each trainee uses a separate computer until completion of the training module so the resume feature works perfectly.  However, when another trainee wants to take the course on one of the computers after someone has previous completed the course, the resume feature still displays the resume prompt.

If the administrator cleared the cookies in the browser after each trainee completed a course, that should reset the resume feature.  Would this work?


Leslie McKerchie

I like that approach Vic - at least the users are 'allowed' to use the same computer to completion without worry of losing their progress. 

Curious if you're just printing out results or how are you tracking these users? Perhaps that's why they are in a controlled environment to take the course I presume.

Yes, having the admin take care of that would alleviate that step from the client perspective.

Victor Madison

I just tested this (clear browser cookies) and it worked as expected - the course was restarted at the beginning with no resume prompt!  Ok, now I would like to take that a step further and only delete the cookie created by the storyline module.  Anyone have a suggestion as to how I can do that?  Where do I find the individual browser cookies on a Windows 10 computer using the "Edge" browser.

Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Sandesh ⭐️

I'd be happy to help out with this - thank you for sharing a screenshot. I see you have the resume behavior set to Always resume, which shouldn't be prompting the user.

From here, I'd recommend testing this out in a different LMS environment like SCORM Cloud to see if you notice the same behavior.

Keep me posted on your findings, and we'll go from there!

Sandesh Nirulkar

Hi Becca, Thanks for your reply!

As I mentioned, I have tried setting up a "prompt for resume" and "always resume" in the publish setting and published the course as a web and as the LMS, but in both cases IN the BROWSER (Not testing in LMS) the course neither asking to resume nor resuming on its own.

Please help!

Sandesh Nirulkar

Hi Becca!

Thank you for showing interest to help me out with this!

First of all, I am not testing it on the LMS, I want it in the browser.

As I mentioned clearly in my post, I have tried setting both options
"Prompt to Resume": & Always Resume but neither it's prompting me to resume
nor resuming on its own.

Hope you understand my issue well!