How does the numbering of the slides work?

Jul 10, 2017

Another question arose looging at attached screenshot. 

You see there, that I have slide 1.1 - 1.3. I would know expect the next layer to carry the numbers 1.4.1 up to 1.4.6.. The next layer - the content of each step - would then have number and so on. However, the numbering of the slides seems to follow a different logic. I have tried to renumber the slides to my logic but I didn't find out how the do that. 

It seems now, that I haven't understood the numbering within articulate. How do I work with this numbering? Don't hesitate to quote learning videos or community pages, addressing this topic (if found this community contribution )

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Roland Straub

In addition to this question:

I just noticed, that when I continue to add a new slide to learning Step "Feedback" - in my story view, no. 1.55. I add 1.56 "Was ist Feedback" - articulate is automatically trying to connect slide 1.56 to slide 1.57. So I guess that there should be a way of renumbering the slides, so that articulate makes the correct connections. Am I right? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Roland!

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this, but lets see if I can clear it up and assist you here. I cannot see the screenshot that you mentioned in your original post, so not sure that it made it through.

Are you having difficulty with your project? The triggers and how you build your course are a better indication than the slide numbers and I cannot word it better than Walt does here.

As for your additional question and that screenshot, if the trigger is still set to go to the next slide, it will try to go to that sequential numbered slide.

The slide numbering remains based on how the slides were created. You can look at using the "reset from story" method on the menu to allow that to reset the menu based on what you have set up.

Roland Straub

Hi Leslie

Great cross reference to Walt's post. Thanks a lot, that and your additions explaine everything. Can you give me a hint what an OCD friend ist as in Walt's post "Although Storyview drives our OCD friends to the brink of despair ..."?

However, the penny has finally dropped. I dig, that for what I want to do I'll have to work in the stroy view and use the trigger defaults  that are automatically created each time I create a new slide. And you are absolutely right, the structure for the learner I show best in the players menu. 

Appreaciate your help and wish you a nice day


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