How does the SCORM Package report to the LMS to increment the attempt?

Nov 16, 2021

So we use Inquisiq for our LMS. We have been getting inconsistencies in our reporting and attempt counting. Where if we wnat the learner to be locked out after 1 failed attempt, but the LMS is NOT incrementing the attempt allowing the learner to retake the test/course. We would like to know where in the publishing or SCORM package does it report to the LMS, Success, Completion, and Attempt? Is this an LMS issue or a SCORM package issue? The attachment shows our LMS attempt settings. 



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like your LMS is not marking the correct number of attempts and is allowing the learner to retake the course. To figure out what is getting in the way, we'll want to see the communication between the Storyline 360 course and your LMS. LMS debug mode is disabled in Storyline content by default, but you can enable it when troubleshooting courses. Here's how to troubleshoot issues between Storyline 360 and your LMS. 

Please keep us updated with your findings!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Ken!

I misspoke here! My apologies. The attempts listed in the LMS are separate from the ‘retries’ in Storyline. Attempts of a quiz in Storyline is dependent on being in the same session. So it’s not an issue with the communication between your Storyline 360 course and your LMS.

In that case, we might need to switch the setting and standard you’re using to ensure the course is marked complete even when the student fails. Here’s an article from your LMS listing each setting possible in Storyline. Let’s say that you’re using SCORM 2004 as Pass/Fail, then fail will mark the course as completed. Your LMS might be sending the student’s next attempt to Review Mode so here's how to change that.

Ken Parks

Hi Lauren, 

Thank you for the reply. I am not concerned about the 'retries' as we do not implement that in our tests. We want to have a 1 attempt when taking a test, so if the user fails, we can go over any thing with the user and we will manually reset the course for the user. 

Question: If the user completes the test, and then accesses the test, and presses resume (which takes them straight to the score) then exits, should that be counted as an attempt?

So we have ran some debug, and it seems that the script shows the same every time. But the attempts in the LMS seem to increment and at times not increment. This leads me to believe it is a LMS issue. What do you think?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken,

The attempt should be sent to your LMS when the learner meets the requirement you define:

Storyline 360: Here's When a Course Communicates Completion to an LMS

  • What tracking option are you using?
  • What reporting option are you using with your project file?

It looks like your LMS (based on the article Lauren shared above) recommends:

  • Setting: Passed/Failed 

This aligns with our documentation, as well:

Which reporting option should I choose?

Ken Parks

Something else we would like to know. After completing a quiz, closing out and the reports are sent to the LMS, the user will reopen the quiz and select the resume button rather than the restart button sending them straight to the results page. Should that be counted as an attempt to the LMS?

Trevor Swayne

I believe the attempt issue is Storyline not the LMS at fault. Rise works perfectly well as after you pass the test the course resets on next launch, triggering the attempt counter that the LMS can pick up on.

In my opinion launching the course and bookmarking to your already completed test should never count as an attempt, or how on earth would the LMS know someone has genuinely retaken the course?