How move objet on another layer

Sep 21, 2020


How to move an object positioned on the layer "OBJECT" with a button on another layer "BUTTON" ?


(Storyline 360)

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Arnaud,

I assume you have placed the button on its own layer because you don't want the button visible all the time. If this is the only reason, I would place the button on the Object layer and set its initial state to Hidden and change its state to Normal when you want it visible.

In order to move the object (this can be done with the object and button on the same or separate layers) set up a motion path for the object and then create a trigger on the layer with the button on it, to move the shape along the motion path when the user clicks the button.

If you have the button on a separate layer, make sure you set the layer properties on the Button and Object layers to not hide other slide layers, otherwise you won't be able to see the button and the shape at the same time.

Walt Hamilton

Does the Object have a motion Path? If it doesn't, it can't be moved by a trigger.

Another option to think about is that you are the only one in the whole universe that knows what layer is what, To everyone else, we only know that we can see objects that are visible. The whole question of layers is for the developer's convenience.  If a button clicks, and an object appears, and moves - well, I think I can create that with no layers, or with one layer, or with two layers. My point is that we are using a visual medium. That means that nothing has to do what you want it to; it only has to LOOK LIKE it is doing it. Smoke and mirrors, and no one will know the difference.

Or, you could attach your .story file here, and someone can give you some ideas.

Arnaud PIEK

I understand that it's hard that I'm not the type to complain that my screen doesn't turn on because I didn't plug the cable into the socket, so please avoid inappropriate comments like that.

So I'm attaching a .story file, because I can see that for many people it seems difficult to perceive what a layer and a button is.

I just want to know if it's normally possible to move an object on a layer while the button is on another layer.

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