How should I use variables to make this work?

Nov 17, 2015

I am trying to create a course that will have about 20 different slides.  Each slide will have a check box.  I am trying to figure out how to compile all of the data (check boxes that were marked) on one slide.  So if they check a box on slide 1 it will display specific text on a "result slide".  If they don't check the box on slide 2 it will not display the corresponding text on the "result slide".  At the end I would like the "final result slide" to show specific text for each item (all 20) that they did check the box for--all on one slide.  I have been working with T/F variables, triggers, and states but I just don't have it.  Any ideas?  

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sara,

There's a few ways to set this up. At first thought (without testing) I'd setup a T/F variable for all 20 checkboxes on the various slides. When a user clicks the checkbox on Slide 1, the variable "slide1" flips from False to True.

On your results slide have your text boxes for the 20 slides in place an all set to Hidden as their initial state.

Finally, on your Results slide add a trigger for each instance when the timeline starts - Change the state of "Slide 1 Text Box" to Normal when the timeline starts IF [variable] "slide1" is equal to True.

Again, there are more than one way to do this but the above should work.

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