How SME review Storyline projects

Sep 25, 2013

I would like to begin using Storyline for more of the projects that I am working on, but my manager is concerned with how we would have SMEs evaluate the content once we need their approval because most associates in our company do not have Storyline on their computers.  Any suggestions on how to get around this?

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Andreas Aposto

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your comment but I think this is a misunderstanding. I don't intent to sell or promote any tool to anyone.  My intention was only to share a best practice I used of how to review eLearning content that was created with Storyline. Maybe my mistake was that I posted it in different discussions and I want to apologize for that.   

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andreas,

Typically when we see the same response that is posted to a number of older threads with a link to an outside site, it tends to come across as a bit of a push for a product or a level of spam. Thanks for continuing to be a part of our community, and it may just be something you want to keep in mind for future postings. 

Bhavya Aggarwal

Adding another tool for review, which does not force you to upload content on server is zipBoard. I am a founder at zipBoard. We have made this tool to simplify the whole review process. One of the differentiator for zipBoard it gives you an option to either upload your course or host it at your own server and add a URL. You can check out more details at 

If there are specific questions, about how it works, etc, I would be glad to take them up. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Bhavya,

Thanks for sharing that here and we're happy to have folks share additional information about tools that may assist other users in the E-Learning Heroes community forums. I did want to bring your attention to our Community guidelines, as we ask that folks are not using the forums to push a product or sell something specific - and I noticed you posted this in a number of threads recently.  Just something to be aware of as you continue to share in the ELH community. 

Thanks for taking note of this, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions! 

Bhavya Aggarwal

Hi Ashley, I understand your concerns. I have only posted with the intention of solving a problem that I know the solution for. Some of the last comments mentioned that there were issues with uploading content, so I just wanted to point out solution that zipBoard provided. No intentions of pushing something, will be careful with multiple threads :) 

Chris Undery

Does Articulate not provide any sort of built in review tool that can be utilised by multiple (SMEs, Peer, ID, learner...) non storyline users? If not why not as a collaborative and iterative review process is a fundamental part of the design process. Our old tool which Storyline 2 murders in most respects had a very good and built in (free as part of the product) collaborative tool and this is the one area that concerns me with Storyline. 

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

There are a few tools that allow you to host the content on your own server (or Articulate's awesome TempShare). That way only the feedback is on the tool's site (as Paul mentioned). ReviewMyElearning, ZipBoard, and OQAR for sure.. not sure about the others. 

@Chris If Articulate dabbled in everything they wouldn't be awesome at what they do. As you mentioned, that other company was giving it away... was it good? Did it take resources away from their real tool? 

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