How do you get SMEs to review Storyline modules?

Jan 17, 2014

Hi all

Hoping you can help by sharing what you do in this situation

I used to use an authoring tool that had an inbuilt LMS, which my company doesn't use for our real LMS, so we just used it as a review system - setting user accounts up for SMEs on each project and getting them to log in to review the modules before they went live on our real system. We could also add on a review tool to the module which allowed reviewers to add a comment against the specific page they were viewing, which I could then see logged at my end and action before republishing.

Now that we are using storyline we don't have this review functionality. We are publishing the story file, uploading it to our real LMS but not making it live to all users, instead just assigning it to the accounts of our SMEs. They are then emailling us with their comments, or adding them to a spreadsheet. We think people are being less detailed in their reviews because it is now more effort to record page number etc and log the comment.

There must be a better way! Please share with me how you are getting your SMEs, stakeholders or clients to review your storyline courses and maybe we will find a solution! 



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Nicole Legault

Hi Charlotte!

Thanks for joining the community and for posting here in the forum! Great topic, and one that comes up pretty regularly here in the community.

I've actually written a post recently that compiles more than a dozen of our most popular SME review discussions: Forums Compilation: Working with Subject Matter Experts.

It includes a section about working with SMEs specifically for the review process. Hopefully you might be able to glean some insight from some of the past discussions listed there!

Hope this helps! 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Charlotte

there is a site called Review my eLearning which allows you to upload your course, invite your reviewer and then they can view the course and make comments on each slide which get itemised for you.

I think the guys that run it are avid SL users themselves. 

I've used it and it works well

Paul Schneider

Yeah you are in a tough spot.  These types of tools are inherently going to be web based and not surprisingly most are based in the US.  While some might do a server install, the margins probably won't be high enough to warrant it (much less the headache) on your side.  One thing to keep in mind though is some of the tools do NOT store your content on their servers, they only store the comments that are recorded.  Given that, you can often get exceptions.

Andreas Aposto

I created this elearning review custom webpage using free web tools to collaborate with the rest of my team, receive immediate feedback of developed eLearning modules from SMEs, Stakeholders, Team Members, and Clients, as well as instantly discuss with SMEs and access all comments in one place

karina souza

I have uploaded a file into Articulate Review for stakeholders to review.  When I send them the link they are presented with a screen to log on to - requesting an email and a password.  On a test of this process, it appears that they need to have prior access. The only option is to get a trial view of SToryline 360.  Can't seem to find any information on how to make this tool available to stakeholders.  Can someone help?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Curious if you unchecked the option to 'Allow Comments without signing in':

Otherwise, they'll just be prompted to enter their email address to post comments.

(If their email address is tied to an Articulate ID and if they aren't already signed in, they'll also be prompted for their password.)

Full documentation on this feature can be found here.

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