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Jul 26, 2019

We have our course set up with a landing/home page that unlocks modules as user progress through the course. Once they complete/unlock all 5 modules they can start Module 6 to complete an assessment. If the user passes the assessment we have a button to take them back to the landing page and all modules are unlocked. The issue is if the user exits the course to return to LMS and if they want to review the course again, by re-entering the course all modules are locked again. Is there some solution to this? We use Pathlore LMS and published the course using SCORM 2004.

Thank you, Guntis

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Guntis. Is your course set to Always Resume or Prompt to Resume at the player level

Also, some learning management systems will not allow you to return to a completed course. Launching the course after completion will start a completely new attempt in this case. Confirm with your LMS if that is expected behavior.

Let me know what you find out!

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