Bookmarking for Assessment

May 19, 2016

We have below requirement for assessment. 

There will be 2 attempts for passing the assessment. Passing criteria will be 85%. Completion criteria is user needs to pass the assessment. 

The problem we are facing is. 

if User fails the assessment on 2nd attempt and relaunches the course. The bookmark popup appears and if user selects "No" then they are able to launch the course again as fresh course and able to attempt the assessment again.

We Don't want this to happen. after 1st two attempts user shouldn't able to launch the assessment. and LMs should show its incomplete.

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Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply, We have already implemented this to our course. My problem is completion criteria. I have kept that as Complete/Incomplete.

If user failed in his both attempts LMS should show course status is Incomplete.

This is not happening and its showing course status is In Progress .

Can you help me here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dinesh, 

Have you reached out to your LMS team to see if there is a change you need to make on that end in regards to the language used? In Progress is not one of the completion/success statuses reported as a part of Storyline as you can see here. You could also look at testing the course by uploading to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing to see how it behaves there. You may also need to change the Scorm settings - what version are you publishing with? Also are you able to share with LMS you're using to see if others in the community have additional thoughts about what specific settings you may need to utilize for your LMS. 

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