Retaking Assessments without adversely affecting SCORM

Aug 10, 2015


We have built a dozen or so courses now in Storyline v1 and v2 but we are having a problem getting Assessments (Quizzes) to work the way we want them to and maybe someone can advise on how we should go about it.

All our courses operate as follows:

  • Course comprises of a series of Training chapters finishing on a single Assessment chapter (i.e. a standard SL Quiz where a Pass is required to complete the course).
  • A user should be able to retake the Assessment as many times as they wish to improve their score.
  • When a user goes back into the Assessment, they should be presented with the questions again without any previous answers showing (i.e. not in review mode).
  • Only improvements in scores should be committed.
  • Courses are delivered in SCORM 1.2
  • We don't require a "review" mode to Assessments but if the solution ends up with that as an option that is fine.

We use:

  • Reporting and Tracking Options > LMS Reporting > Report status to LMS as "Passed/Failed"

The problem we have is as follows:

  • If a user goes back into the Assessment a subsequent time, the Assessment enters a review mode rather than asking all questions afresh
  • If we force the reset (using Action: Reset results When Timeline starts) then the score is reset to 0% (good) however this inadvertently causes an immediate kickback through SCORM, setting cmi.core.score.min/max/raw to 0/100/0 and cmi.core.lesson_status to go to "failed".  If the user happened to "just go into the Assessment again but not really with the intention of retaking it, then they end up confused as to why their course becomes "failed / 0%" instead of "complete / previous-score%

Is there any way I can allow a user to retake the Assessment (and improve their score) but not to have the score sent back through SCORM until AFTER the quiz has been retaken (this is how our in house authoring tool works, and the way I would have considered "more logical").



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing all your specs here. 

I think you'll want to look at using the "retry" button from the results slide as detailed here. Allowing the built in triggers for that button to work as designed should give you the general behavior you're looking for but the "review" behavior you mentioned sounds like it may be controlled by the LMS Have you reviewed the information here?  It will be up to the LMS how the score is kept and/or overwritten - so you may want to reach out to your LMS team to see what the options are. 

Chris Walsh

Hi @Ashley, thanks for the info.  I will look into this tomorrow.  

I am the the developer of our LMS and so am following the guidance of recording whatever the course throws at us through the SCORM interface.  We do record the history and can see the (say) "pass 80%" followed by "failed 0%" but this is because we are explicitly using Action: Reset results When Timeline starts every time we enter our Assessment.  

We are using the Reset results action in order to effectively produce a "retry" style functionality but it is having this horrible "failed/0%" side-effect.  I'll have a good read through your links and see if we can get the "retry" functionality working that way.

I'll feedback on how I get on.



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