Storyline or Studio?

May 21, 2014

The association I work for is going to start integrating a new LMS into our system.  We are looking at authoring tools and I was tasked with check out Articulate. I don't know which tool would be better - Studio or Storyline? We plan on having slide-based webinars available for others to watch that we have recorded. We also plan on implementing learning modules.  This is an association for nurse educators, who use power point a lot for their presentations. I am new to the LMS/authoring tool world so I am not sure which tool would best suit our needs. Thoughts? Thank you!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Molly,

Welcome to the community. and BTW, I strongly recommend Articulate products because of this community, where staff and community members are extremely supportive. I don't think anything out there compares.

I think you'll find this fall 2013 blog post by staff member Mike Enders to be quite helpful.

On a more technical/specs basis, here's a support comparison page and another comparison page here.

And a little more support info here.

Perhaps other will jump in, but in any case, good luck with your decision...and please shout out with any questions.

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