How to add length of audio to audio playback controls?

Jul 07, 2014

Hey folks!

I've heard Storyline doesn't offer this for Flash/HTML5 yet but am wondering if there is a way around this...

I'd like to display the length of an audio file in the published file on the audio playback controls. I want to be able to see the exact seconds of the audio file when listening to the course. The main reason is because we are proofreading translated courses and need to document exactly when an image might be out of sync.

Any ideas on how to do this vs. having to guess????


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately there is not a feature within Storyline to showcase the audio's overall timeline and what point the user is in the audio's length. It is something that would make a good feature request - and I hope that if someone in the community has come up with a method to set this up that they're able to share it here.

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