How to Advance in a video with a custom menu

Mar 21, 2014

I am looking for a way to have a video play and allow a learner to click on a button to advance to another topic or scene (similar to a DVD movie that lists the scenes and the viewer can advance to that scene). The buttons do not have to have a picture of the scene it can be a simple button with text.



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Adam Mac

This can certainly be done, and I've seen examples of what I image you're after shared on this community. (though I don't have a link handy, sorry).

Are you limited to Storyline? I ask because other video publishing tools allow the ability to include table of contents. By embedding these videos into a Storyline project as web objects, you retain the player controls which offer a much better user experience in my opinion sicne the user gets options like closed captioning and full screen toggle as well.

Michael Whatley

If you have the capability to edit the video, you could segment it into the "chapters" of the video and have each section on a different slide. This would allow the user to use the native navigation menu within the Storyline player.

If you want each segment to automatically transition to the next video, set a trigger on each slide to jump to next slide at the end of the timeline and set each video segment to play automatically.

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