Media ends trigger not working

Jan 27, 2014

In a part of a course I'm making, the user has to click a button which open a new layer with a video. I want to lock the scene so that the user cannot advance until the video plays all the way through, but I can seem to do this.

I've tried using timeline ends variables (resetting variable when timeline starts, adjusting it when it ends), but that does not work. I have also tried using the media completes trigger. Nothing is working. Either the user can skip through without watching the video, or once the video is complete they cannot progress through the course.

Anyone else have a similar problem or a solution to this?

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Michael Hinze

Here is one option that uses a True/False variable which starts out as false and is set to True, once Media Completes (you could also use when the timeline ends). To prevent users from using the video player bar to skip ahead, I put a transparent shape over the progress bar. Then, add a condition to the Next button's trigger to only jump to the next slide if the variable is true:

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