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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Noemi, you start by inserting a text entry field on your slide. Put an instruction asking the user to enter his or her name. If you look at the trigger, you will see the the field is called TextEntry.  

On the screens where you want the name to display, add a text box with the following text. %TextEntry%

Jane Maloney

Phil Mayor said:

Of course if you are using an LMS you can just pull the name from the LMS using javascript

Phil, i'm interested in doing this for one of my courses. Do you have a guide available on how it works?

Sorry for posting on your thread neomi, I do it the same way as described by Nancy above

Katie Riggio

Hello there, Juan!

Right now, there isn't a variable or text input feature in Rise 360.

One idea is to use a Storyline block, but it would be contained inside the block. Here is a neat certificate generator built by Phil:

I'll leave it to the community for any other concepts!