How to avoid repeating the Questions from bank

May 31, 2018

I created a quiz which can pick questions from two question banks randomly. But whenever i am going to a question bank where some questions are already attempted, i am seeing them again.

For example: There are two Question Banks, Bank A , Bank B containing 5 questions each.

In my quiz, first question is drawn from Bank A, Second from bank B, and Third Question from Bank A again. But in my third question, I am sometimes seeing the attempted question (the first one) again. I had to click on Next button to see the the third question.

So, is there any way to avoid showing attempted questions again? I want the questions to be picked randomly so that no two quizzes will have same sequence of questions, and I do not want to show attempted question again.

Also, i must use multiple Question banks. its a requirement.

Kindly help me sort this out.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sujueev,

Each slide draw will be treated as a new draw from a bank, so it'll be randomized again and could present the same question to a user. Perhaps you could share a bit more detail about the need to alternate between question banks and to keep them separate? That way we can look at other ideas or methods to set up your courses. 

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