How to number or count questions when using quiz banks

Dec 02, 2018

I am using quiz banks for the assessment I am building. There are four sessions and in each sessions a specified number of questions ( 20 in the first 3 sections and 3 in the last) should be drawn randomly from the selected bank.  Now my issue is that as the user is answering questions they do not see how many questions they have answered until they have answered.

Is there a way of putting a counter so that the user knows they are on the first, second, third question and so on?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Naison

here is a quick Peek video that might explain what I mean.  You'll see how I find out which layout the quiz slide is using then attach the trigger to that...if you are using multiple layouts you'll need that trigger on each one and then on each slide put the text box as I did on the sample slide.

If you are allowing the user to retry or review the quiz you will need a trigger that resets that qNum variable back to zero  so the numbering works...make sure the trigger is before any 'jump to' triggers.

Hope that helps

Naison  Mwanza

Hi Wendy


I am stuck again. I have created  the counter I wanted for Section A & B. Unfortunately I duplicated Section C slides from A and I think therefore that the 2 sessions A and C are using the same Slide Master. 

How can I create a another Slide Master for section C so that I create a counter  for that section as well?

NB: On my next project I will create something small and try it before doing something this big. I think I have learned my lesson.

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