Reporting Data with Multiple Question Banks

Oct 13, 2020


Hoping someone out there can provide a solution on reporting user answers to my LMS.

I have 3 different question banks in my Storyline file, easy, moderate and complex. Each level is optional, so the users can complete as little as one bank, or all 3 banks. Each bank will draw 10 random questions for a total of 30 questions. 

I would like to publish my course as a SCORM 2004 package so that I'm able to see user input data in my LMS (i.e. what they selected or answered for each question). Because of this, I can't publish my file using # of slides viewed as it doesn't send any data to my LMS.

If I publish my course using a Results Slide, I have to choose which question banks to include. If I select all 3 banks, that means the users have to complete all 3 levels of difficulty in order to pass a completion status.

How else can I report user input data using SCORM 2004 - and also pass a completion status to my LMS?

I have attached some photos for reference.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bridgitte!

It sounds like you're looking for a feature that was just released in our September update for Storyline 360. 

Here are the quizzing and tracking options that were released:

Take a look at how to track multiple completion criteria since you're using question banks! Please keep us updated with what works for you!

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